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KenRuss / Home / Medics
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Hospital furniture:

Hospital Beds, Drip Stand, Delivery Beds, Examination Couch, Washing Basin, Trolleys, Examination Light and much more.
Surgical instruments:

Suction Units, Pulse Oximeters, Autoclaves, Infusion Pumps, Ambu Bags, Diathermy Machine, Theater Lights and much more.

Diagnostic Products:

BP Machines - All types Diagnostic Ultra Sound Scanners, ECG Machines, Stethoscopes, Weighing Scale, Diagnostic Set, Otho-scopes and much more.

Dental products:

Extracting Forceps, Root Elevators, Hand Pieces, Micro-motors, Couplers, Probes, Scalars, Tweezers and much more.

Incontinence products :

Absorbent Incontinence Products (HARTMANtm Range) that has a reinforced super-absorbent core in the crouch area, thus guaranteeing high absorbency and excellent moisture retention.

Holloware & Surgical Instruments:

Round sterilizer drums for autoclave and hot air sterilizer manufactured from stainless steel AIS1304, aluminium and stainless steel boxes that are useful containers for the sterilization of surgical instruments(and also maintain them sterile), and plastic holloware.  Instruments available include; tungsten carbide items from Goldlinetm, scarpels, needle holders, Spencertm scissors, stitch removers, towel forceps, and many more.

Healthcare Educational Materials that we stock include:

Injections, venipuncture, bandaging simulators, urinary catheterization, patient care manikins, breast examination simulators, childbirth simulators, infant circumcision trainer, advanced life surport(ALS) trainer, skeletal models, torso models and much more.

Physiotherapy Equipment:

With a wide range of physiotherapy equipment, we can meet most rehab needs of your clients: Electrotherapy equipment, ultrasounds, lasers, magnetic therapy, combined units, diathermies, traction therapy, and others.